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NAV Fund Administration Group, a leading provider of administrative services to alternative asset managers, has announced a 15% discount on Impact Fund administration fees to demonstrate the firm’s commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).

"We are fully supportive of the growing emphasis on socially responsible investing and are proud to promote this important new segment of the investment fund industry in a tangible way,” NAV Chief Operating Officer Ambuj Garg said. “Because we as a company believe so strongly in the principles represented by ESG/SRI practices, we are eager to help support Impact Fund managers whose investment decisions align with those values."

Beyond the special fee structure, NAV offers the flexibility to support ESG/SRI-specific data and reporting, including the creation of custom reports, and works closely with clients to clearly define and establish report formats and timelines to meet their specific requirements.

"With our own proprietary fund administration technology and an internal team of 200 IT professionals, we are able to rapidly create agile solutions at an excellent industry-leading cost for value,” Garg said. “The NAV team provides the experience that comes with servicing thousands of funds around the globe, representing a wide range of trading strategies and fund structures, including complex funds and asset classes."

NAV also has in-house expertise in fund administration, compliance, and accounting, with 75% of the team holding advanced degrees and certifications including MBA, JD, CPA, CFA, and CA.

For more information on NAV Impact Fund services, visit the NAV Fund Administration Group website or contact the firm. Beyond providing clients with the support required to manage ESG/SRI investing and reporting, NAV has also made ESG principles part of its own corporate infrastructure.

  • Environmental Sustainability Practices environmental conservation within its operations, including the use of solar panels for clean power generation, recycling/reclamation of water and paper goods, and remote work arrangements to reduce commuting and reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Social Responsibility Supports philanthropic efforts to benefit children & families in both the United States and India, including social, medical, and educational causes.
  • Governance Promotes a diverse, inclusive work environment and committed to fair hiring and employment practices across all locations and all levels of the organization. NAV operations have never been subject to legal or regulatory investigations or actions by any global or regional agencies. Adheres to data security and privacy best practices and is ISO27001 and BS10012 certified. Has both a dedicated team focused on business continuity and an independent Valuation, Risk and Reporting Committee to ensure business stability, compliance, and transparency.

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