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Hedge Fund Chooses NAV to Deliver Institutional Caliber Service to Investors


Gaines Capital

Switching Administrators


Andrew Abbott and James Ziemba spent the early years of their careers as engineers working in the oil and gas industry. As their paths continued to cross, they discovered they shared similar values, career goals, and interests. Leaving their engineering roles behind, they teamed up to launch Gaines Capital in 2020. After launching Lorenz Fund, a multi-strategy hedge fund targeting low correlation and positive skew, they worked with their original administrator for two years before being informed that the firm planned to scratch their existing contract and raise their monthly fees by 82%. This motivated the two partners to search for a new administrator, with a primary focus on competitive fees, high-quality service, and leverageable technology.

“There was never an egregious error with our original provider,” Abbot said, “but it became apparent that they were not an institutional caliber service provider. It was a great fit for getting our fund off the ground, but we wanted our investors to have a higher standard of service,” he explained. “We wanted a portal where they could review statements and timely service with quick responses to questions. Overall, as a business owner, we want to partner with firms dedicated to quality and service and NAV has demonstrated that to us.”

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