NAV Fund Administration Group Release New Features to Support Investor Onboarding and Fund Marketing

June 11, 2024 | 2 minutes read
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NAV Fund Administration Group, a leading provider of administrative services to alternative asset managers, has released two new technology features designed to simplify investor onboarding and enhance fund marketing programs.

E-Subscription streamlines the investor onboarding pipeline, enabling prospective investors to complete dynamic digital forms that utilize smart conditional logic to personalize questions based on the investor profile or from prior transactions. Investors also gain the security and flexibility to share and manage their confidential personal and financial information safely and at their convenience.

The Data Room feature enables fund managers to professionally market funds to prospective investors by creating secure web pages to highlight detailed fund data not featured on the fund’s general public website. With easy-to-use pre-designed or fully customizable templates, managers can quickly publish an attractive, informational marketing site with a secure document repository and access logs. Data Room can also be integrated with E-Subscription, offering investors one convenient platform on which to view detailed information about the fund and then simply click a button to initiate a subscription. Additionally, managers may also choose to invite targeted prospects to the Data Room with the ability to track conversion statistics or link the Data Room directly from their website for public access.

"NAV's continuous development strategy consistently adds performance enhancements and new features to offer clients more functionality, exceptional security, and expanded management and communication tools," said NAV VP of Strategic Solutions Ravi Gupta. "We are committed to offering innovative, client-focused solutions that deliver an optimal experience."

All NAV clients have portal access as a value-add, no-cost perk of NAV services and nearly 95% offer their investors access as well. Other recent feature releases for the NAV Portal have included:

  • Mobile app for Android™ and iOS® platforms
  • Passwordless (biometric/passkey) login authentication options
  • API Gateway utility that programmatically pulls granular data from a variety of API endpoints to securely ingest into client data warehouses or third-party systems
  • Project Studio, a versatile project management tool that enables clients to collaborate with NAV, their internal teams, and/or outside service providers to track projects, assign tasks with due dates, escalate delays, and improve transparency and efficiency

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