NAV Experiences Growth in Number of Cryptocurrency Clients

August 20, 2019

NAV Fund Administration Group continues to see growth in its number of crypto clients. As interest in cryptocurrency steadily rises, clients have found expert crypto service at NAV, which has become one of the biggest fund administrators in the crypto space. NAV understands cryptocurrency both as a tradable asset and as a technology, with its technical knowledge encompassing the treatment of forks and airdrops, valuation, AML, and more. In addition to their technical insight, NAV’s cryptocurrency staff has considerable experience with various crypto strategies, from basic ones like high frequency quantitative trading and arbitrage, crypto derivatives, and cold storage to more complex strategies like farming, mining, staking, and ICO’s. NAV also uses proprietary technology with the unique ability to interface directly with top crypto exchanges, allowing them to onboard new exchanges and products to better satisfy client needs. NAV utilizes its technology in tandem with its network of service providers, which includes banks, auditors, and custodians, to provide clients with better service.

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NAV Fund Administration Group Releases Major Upgrade to its Private Equity and Venture Capital Software

August 14, 2018

NAV is proud to announce the release of its new software platform for Private Equity and Venture Capital funds. Following months of development and testing, NAV released the new software in May and began migrating its current clients in June. “We see Private Equity and Venture Capital funds as a major growth area for us over the next decade,” said Nav Gupta, CEO of NAV. “There is still a lot of self-administration in this space, and those funds that are outsourcing are underserviced due to a lack of technology.”

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NAV Fund Administration Continues to See Growth in its Cryptocurrency Fund Services Business

February 27, 2018

NAV Fund Administration (NAV), a global leader in hedge fund and private equity administration, continues to see growth in their cryptocurrency hedge fund administration business and has developed a module in their proprietary technology platform to specifically support cryptocurrency funds.

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NAV Among First Administrators to Implement Standardized Administrator Transparency Reporting

January 11, 2017

NAV Fund Administration Group announces that it participated in a Hedge Fund Standards Board (HFSB) working group consisting of leading institutional investors, hedge fund managers and fund administrators, that was assembled to develop a standardized reporting framework for fund administrators.

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NAV Consulting Implements FATCA Solution

October 7, 2014


“We believe it’s important as the fund’s administrator to be at the forefront of regulatory requirements that affect our clients. We have been looking at FATCA since its very early stages with the objective of developing a solution that minimizes the impact on our clients,” said Nav Gupta, President and CEO of NAV Consulting. “Our proactive approach to FATCA is another example of our commitment to our clients.”