NAV Fund Administration Group Releases Mobile Apps for Client & Investor Portals

September 20, 2022

NAV Fund Administration Group has extended its desktop web portal access to mobile apps for Android™ and iOS® platforms, offering fund managers and their investors additional convenience and maximizing accessibility to fund data. The app is available for download now at the Google Play™ store and Apple® App Store®.

The NAV portal enables fund managers, investors, and auditors to access a broad range of accounting reports, risk analytics and portfolio data:

  • On-demand self-service report generation using filterable data
  • Advanced P&L, portfolio reporting
  • Full library of historical funds
  • Accounting records
  • Risk analytics including exposure, attribution, Sharpe/Sortino

The desktop version was introduced in 2002, with a major redesign launched in 2018. NAV's continuous development strategy consistently adds performance enhancements and new features to deliver more functionality, exceptional security, and expanded management and communication tools. Recent releases have featured biometric login options and a fund onboarding tool.

All NAV clients get portal access as a value-add, no-cost perk of NAV services and nearly 95% offer their investors access as well. "Our clients have shared the value of investor portal access to their business, especially its ability to give investors self-service access and reduce support and inquiry calls," said NAV VP of Strategic Solutions Ravi Gupta. "Managers and their investors alike really appreciate being able to efficiently access fund data, generate reports, and log inquiries or support requests. The app offers the full desktop portal experience while giving clients and their investors flexibility in how and when they access their data."

"The mobile app was a natural next step in the maturation of our portal platforms," Gupta said. "Our ongoing client-focused development plan incorporates client feedback, technology advancements, and performance considerations and it's all backed up by the NAV in-house IT team that goes beyond routine maintenance to ensure our clients have best-in-class tools."

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