Real Estate Fund Administration

To support comprehensive management of funds focused on investment properties, NAV provides a full suite of specialized Real Estate Fund administrative services for more than 100 real estate funds, encompassing a broad range of property types:

  • Commercial
  • Warehouse
  • Residential
  • Academic
  • Agricultural
  • Administration and accounting for pass-through entities created for tax benefits, i.e. REITs, Corporations, etc.
  • Handling joint venture real estate investment deals
  • Accounting and monitoring of escrow and other deposits, including good faith deposits, earnest money deposits, and tax escrow deposits
  • Prepare fixed asset and depreciation schedules
  • Calculate and administer waterfall and carry plans
  • Daily reporting of available cash, enabling managers to foresee capital call requirements from investors for investment and/or fund operations purposes
  • Monitoring, tracking, and reporting: Rent and Royalty Income receivables and lease maturity
  • Look-through reporting of SPV and property-level information at fund level
  • KPI reporting at SPV, property, and fund levels, including IRR, MOIC, and TVPI
  • Flexibility to configure and send additional customized reports with the standard reporting package
  • Bookkeeping services for the management company
  • Quick turnaround payments from fund’s bank account to support deal closings or other business circumstances that require rapid payment
  • Prepare unaudited financials for distribution to investors with capital account statements
  • Calculate and manage distribution of realized income to fund investors at a specified frequency (most commonly on a quarterly basis)
  • Zero setup or transition fees
  • Unlimited logins to web portal for the fund and investors
  • No additional AML/KYC fees per investor
  • Audit support included


NAV offers a complimentary, risk-free trial for existing hedge and private equity funds that qualify.