NAV is committed to supporting philanthropic efforts to benefit children & families in both the United States and India, including social programs, medical causes, and education. Through direct corporate donations and sponsored employee team involvement in fundraising events, NAV believes in elevating our shared responsibility to give back and benefit our local communities.

  • More than $140,000 donated to multiple charities supporting children and education, homelessness and food insecurity, medical treatment, construction projects, and animal well-being
  • Donated medical equipment, PPE for healthcare personnel, and food for patients to multiple medical facilities in Jaipur
  • Gave 3,000 rupee honorariums to 400 healthcare professionals in Jaipur
  • 100,000 meal donation to Greater Chicago Food Depository
  • Team participation in Safe Haven Run – IL to help combat homelessness
  • Monthly donation to Akshaya Patra Foundation to support food relief
  • Annual educational scholarship program sponsoring 50 students
  • Monthly financial assistance for 100 thalassemia patients
  • Donated to the Heart to Heart Foundation to help fund life-saving surgeries for children suffering from congenital heart defects, a major cause of child mortality in developing countries


NAV’s unique employee-directed charitable program gives our team of 2,250+ employees the power to choose how NAV supports the communities in which they work and live. The initiative empowers employees to research, select, and donate on NAV’s behalf to programs in which they feel the most positive impact can be made.

To date, more than $140,000 has been donated through the ongoing program to causes that include charities supporting children and education, homelessness and food insecurity, medical treatment, construction projects, and animal well-being. The charities supported with donations include The ACE Project, CASA for Children, DuPage County Animal Care and Control Foundation, Feed My Starving Children, Heart to Heart Foundation, Hinsdale Humane Society, Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, Lurie Children’s Hospital, Silver Cross Foundation, Variety of Illinois, West Suburban Community Pantry, Wildcat Sanctuary, and World Central Kitchen.

Social Responsibility
Featured CSR Stories

People Behind CSR at NAV

Annual scholarship program sponsoring 50 students

Meet Shagun Dutta, 22

“I am very thankful for all the support I have received from NAV so far -- it has helped me through my academic journey.”

Shagun Dutta saw her brother suffer with thalassemia from the time she was born. He was six years her elder and had regular visits to the hospital for blood transfusions and related treatments. Due to irregular income, her family always felt the strain of financial limitations. This led her to pursue scholarships during her school education, which she was able to earn based on an excellent academic history.

“I was a bright student throughout my school life. I saw my brother suffering, so I wanted to become a doctor and help him in some way. In school I was always one of the rank holders, and even in college I have consistently been a gold medallist. Fortunately, I have done well so far,” she said.

NAV has supported Shagun through monthly stipends for studies and extra allowances for fees and books.

“This funding has had a very positive impact on my studies and college and I am very grateful,” Shagun said.

Monthly financial assistance for 100 thalassemia patients

Meet Kapil Ramkuram Kelani, 27

“The monthly amount I receive is very helpful. I do not have enough words to thank NAV for what they have done for me.”

Regular blood transfusions and costly medicines have been draining the monthly finances of Kapil Ramkuram Kelani’s family since he was six months old. His father works at a construction site and Kapil works as a freelance accountant. Frequent blood transfusions led to severe hormonal and mineral imbalances, which put Kapil into a critical situation. Increased iron levels had become difficult to manage without structured medicines and injections.

“All my organs had started to become damaged due to high iron levels. In order to control the levels, I had to get regular testing and medicines. I was very high risk before I started receiving the support from NAV as every treatment beyond transfusion was unaffordable for me,” Kapil said.

His levels are now well maintained and he is out of danger. This has had a positive effect on his mindset and he now hopes to get a better job and support his family as his health improves.

“Everything will be possible for me now, even with thalassemia,” Kapil said.

NAV Social Responsibility News
Health Care Workers

NAV Extends Gratitude to Healthcare Workers

We consider it our utmost responsibility to extend our heartfelt support and to thank local health workers for their incomparable contribution to our community. As a small representative token of the company’s gratitude and in acknowledgement of this selfless work, NAV has distributed Rs 3000 cash honorariums each to 400 healthcare workers across various hospitals in Jaipur.

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Medical Supplies

NAV Fund Administration Donates Medical Supplies

NAV Fund Administration has committed US$130,000 to medical facilities in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India to help address the Covid-19 emergency. The funds will be used to purchase and distribute needed equipment including oxygen concentrators, oxygen plants in hospitals, BIPAP machines, and pulse oximeters; as well as masks and sanitizer for medical personnel and food for patients.

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Food Donation

100,000 Meal Donation to Greater Food Depository

NAV donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository in an amount equivalent to 100,000 meals for families in Chicago and Cook County. We wanted to do our part to support families in need in the Chicago area. The overwhelming demand for services at food banks nationwide and were particularly mindful of the families with children who can no longer receive meals at school.

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Esg commitment


Navconsulting - Environment


Our comprehensive approach to reducing our environmental impact means looking at all aspects of our business and how we can integrate new solutions to create meaningful and sustained change. We have implemented environmental conservation within our operations, including the use of solar panels for clean power generation, recycling/reclamation of water and paper goods, and remote work arrangements to reduce commuting and reliance on fossil fuels.

Navconsulting - team


The NAV team of 2,250 professionals also offers expertise in fund administration, compliance, and accounting disciplines and has a thorough understanding of the alternative investment industry. We service more than 2,200 funds around the globe representing a multitude of trading strategies and fund structures, including complex funds and asset classes. About 75% of our team holds advanced degrees and certifications including MBA, JD, CPA, CFA, and CA.

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NAV Fund Administration Group is a privately owned, debt-free, ISAE 3402 Type II certified corporation focused entirely on fund administration services. NAV promotes a diverse, inclusive work environment and are committed to fair hiring and employment practices across all locations and all levels of the organization.

  • All officers and employees sign a code of conduct and ethics at hire and our operations have never been subject to legal or regulatory investigations or actions by any global or regional agencies (SEC, CIMA, etc.).
  • We observe industry best practices to protect NAV and client data and are both ISO27001 and BS10012 certified. Our proprietary technology is maintained and monitored 24/7 by an in-house IT staff including programmers, network security, and disaster recovery specialists to ensure data integrity, security, and IT uptime.
  • NAV has established a dedicated team focused on business continuity and an independent Valuation, Risk and Reporting Committee to ensure business stability, compliance, and transparency.
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With our own proprietary fund administration technology and an internal team of 300+ IT professionals focused on optimizing operational efficiency, maintaining strong network security, and providing comprehensive best-in-class reporting, we offer solutions that are rapidly agile at an excellent industry-leading cost for value.